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You’ll have a great day Kawasaki Ninja lovers & owners here we have the badass collection of Kawasaki Motorcycle Quotes, Kawasaki ninja quotes, ninja h2 quotes, Kawasaki bike quotes, sayings & captions for you, which will surely make your day when you’ll get one mind-blowing Kawasaki Bike Quote for your badass bike.

Kawasaki Motorcycle Quotes, Captions

Kawasaki is not fast, the others are slow!

No bike can attract attention like the Kawasaki bike!

Kawasaki motorcycle is right when you want to make your future bright!

You don’t Need Steroids When you Own a Kawasaki motorcycle!

Kawasaki has the last gear if you want to Disappear!

Kawasaki beauty is always Ready for Duty!

Only Kawasaki Motorcycle Breed Can Satisfy Your Bike Riding Greed!

Never Show An Empty Road to your Kawasaki!

Kawasaki is the Best Medicine, to kill the Decease called Speedo-phobia!

Wear The Gear & Disappear on Kawasaki’s Last Gear!

It’s not a motorcycle, It’s The Kawasaki!

The worst thing about Kawasaki’s is that They are Damn Fast!

Ninja H2 Quotes, Captions

Ninja H2 isn’t a Dead Bike, It is the Dad of all bikes.

The Another Meaning Of Wow, Is Kawasaki Ninja H2R!

Kawasaki Ninja Is An Official Devil of The Road!

Have You seen Leopard on the road, If not Watch My Kawasaki Ninja!

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