26 Ford Mustang Quotes & Captions for Instagram Photos

Mustang Quotes

Here are the best Mustang Quotes & Captions for Instagram to show people how badass your Ford Mustang is. We have the Funny, Girl and Mustang horse quotes also to elaborate more about your Mustang car.

Mustang Quotes & Captions

My baby is pissing off my neighbors since 1964!😎

I don’t Race, but when I do; I drive Mustang!😎

It’s not a Car, It’s the Mustang!😎

It’s not about Luxury It’s All about true Love!😎

God said there should be sexy cars, So We made Mustangs!😎

People just don’t understand, It’s more than a car it’s pleasure, it’s passion it’s Love!😎

Watch Mustang a day, Keeps your all Stress Away!😎

You can win against Mustang, but only in your XBOX Game!😎

Keep calm & drive a ford Mustang!

When Cops Catch You: Sorry Cops I thought you wanted to race with the Horse!😎

To catch me, you must be fast, To race with me, you must be brave, To beat me you must be kidding Me!😎

My neighbors doesn’t need an alarm to wake up, My mustang Does It free for Them!😎

Rules for Mustang Passenger! a. No Crying, No Screaming! b. No touch Shit! c. Hold the F**k On!😎

Talking shit about my mustang may result in your broken Ass, Which you’ll never ever Forget!😎

Life is too short so don’t drive a boring cars Drive Mustang!😎

My Mustang gives me more Pleasure than Mari***na!😎

Mustang Girl Quotes

Girl In Mustang Looks Pearl In Mustang!

Mustang Becomes Beast, When There Is A Girl With Beauty!

Mustangs Are Not Made For Girls, Girls Are Made for Mustang Owners!

You Know Why Girl Loves Mustang Because Mustang Has Some True tone Heart Beats, Broom, Vroom!

Mustang Quotes for Boys

All Boys Are Crazy For Mustang As They Car Crazy For Breast!

They Told Me To Race with Me, I said You Should Watch Again The Logo Of My Car!

The Horse With A Lot Of Force!

Mustang Logo On Grills, Can Give A Mustang Buying Thrill!

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