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Hayabusa Bike Quotes

Hey, Hayabusa lovers & owners here are some of the next-level Suzuki Hayabusa Quotes & Captions for you to blow up & show up love for your Hayabusa, And if people think that Hayabusa is just a bike reply to them in a badass way with these catchy & best attitudes Hayabusa Quotes & Captions which can shut down the mouth of your hatters so must do use as a caption & also you can use this Hayabusa quotes images in your Status!

Hayabusa is one of the most famous & rare bikes which you get to see in your life so if you do own a Hayabusa you must use these Suzuki Hayabusa Quotes on your Social Media.

Hayabusa Bike Quotes & Captions

Have you seen Lion on the road? See my Hayabusa!

The Butt of Hayabusa is more, hotter than the butt of Girls!

Hayabusa is not a bike, It’s the real Roaring Lion!

I swear my Hayabusa is so Sexy & Rare!

You are a fool If you think my Hayabusa is a Bull!

Who said money can’t buy happiness, try riding Hayabusa once in a life.

Hayabusa is not a sexy Bike, It is soul hunter Beast!

Hayabusa is not Silent, It is Violent!

I don’t ride on a horse because I ride on my Hayabusa!

Favorite music of any Hayabusa Lover, Broom,,, Vroom,,,!

If you don’t Fear, Ride my Hayabusa on Its last Gear!

Hayabusa is not for Guys, It is for Badass Guys!

You ride 2 HP Donkey, I ride 200+ HP Horse!

I smiled when they said, They want to race with my Hayabusa!

Touch my Hayabusa & It will touch your Soul!

I Would suggest you read my bike’s name again before you start to Race with Me!

If you have speed phobia, Hayabusa is not made for You!

Fall in love with Hayabusa, It will give you more pleasure than any Girl!

I feel more confident when my Hayabusa is between my two Legs!

God thought there should be beast Bikes, that is why people created Hayabusa!

It’s not about Mileage, It’s all about My Age!

No matter how long the road is, I never get bored when I ride on my Hayabusa!

Never, compare your Hayabusa with other bikes, if you do so you decreasing the honor of your Hayabusa!

I signed my divorce paper in a millisecond You know Why? My wife told me to choose her or my Hayabusa!

Hayabusa is not made for Royal People, It is made for Loyal People!

My haters turned their head Around When I entered on my Hayabusa!

I Ride my Hayabusa whole day in my city just to give neck pain to my Hatters!

Your bike maybe a Leopard, Mine is the Lion of my City!

Sometimes It’s better to be a Hatter when you own Hayabusa!

There is only one muscular bike that does exist in this World, I am talking about my Hayabusa!

You may look beautiful on other Bikes, But you’ll look beast only on Hayabusa!

You must have six abs body & triceps out to ride on a Hayabusa!

Accelerate Hayabusa & Conqueror the Roads!

We hope you like a few of the Badass Hayabusa Quotes let us know your favorite Hayabusa Quote in the comments & also you can write down your idea of Quotes about your Hayabusa we would love to update here with your credit Thanks for being with BadassQuotes!


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