Futuristic TESLA Car Quotes & Captions (Funny, Electric)


Tesla Car Quotes

#1. All Techy Gentlemen Are Crazy For Tesla As They Are Crazy For Girls!

#2. Tesla Cars Are Eco Friendly & People Friendly Too!

#3. Electric Drag Is The Futuristic Swag!

#4. Want To Save Mother Earth? Go Electric!#5. Drop An Electric Gear & Disappear!

#6. Which One Is Your Favorite Car? The Next Tesla!

Funny Tesla Car Quotes

Funny Tesla Car Quotes

#1. Even Politicians Are In Favor Of Tesla Cars Than Against!

#2. There Is No Echo In Tesla Cars, Still, They Are Eco Friendly!

#3. Other Cars May Be People Friendly, But Only Tesla Is A Pocket Friendly!

#4. People In Future Will Make Tesla Contact Before They’ll Make Eye Contact!

#5. Your Car Can Only Run On Earth, My Tesla Can Run On Moon & Even On Mars!

Tesla Car Captions

#1. It’s Not A Car, It’s The Tesla!

#2. Only One Gadget, That Is Best In Budget!

#3. A Dream Without Passion Is Like, Tesla Without Battery Pack!

#4. You Can Not Disrespect Your Tesla By Comparing It With Other Cars!

#5. Work Until You Don’t Need To Go At gas Station!

#6. The Only Car That Can Also Run On Mars, It’s Electric Baby!

#7. Tesla Model S Stands For Sexy!

#8. Gasoline Car Owners Said He Wanted To Race With Me, I Said Watch The Logo Again On My Car Bother!

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