30+ Yamaha R15 Quotes, Captions & Bio for Instagram (V3, V4)

Yamaha R15 Quotes, Captions
Yamaha R15 Quotes, Captions

Dear Yamaha R15 owners & lovers, you know how sexy your bike is & how much you do love it, that is why if you are in search of some of the coolest & badass R15 Quotes & R15 V3 Quotes & Captions then you are at the right place here we have the unique collection of Yamaha R15 Quotes, which you can use in your Instagram & Facebook photos before you post your best photo with your beauty.

Yamaha R15 Quotes, Captions

  • YAMAHA= You+Are+My+Alive+Hottest+Angel
  • Turn around the Switch & Turn on R15 Bitch!
  • Boys may be crazy but, Girls are stupid to ride on Yamaha R15!
  • Who said you can’t buy Happiness with Money, Watch me riding on my R15 Honey!
  • I am from the lower class but, My R15 gives me Royal Class!
  • Ride-on R15 with Smile & cut the thousands of happy Miles!
  • Some boys don’t fall in love with Girls, They fall in love with R15!
  • R15 is not made for boys, It’s only made for Badass Boys!
  • If it roars it doesn’t mean that it is Lion, It could be the Yamaha R15!
  • You ride on cheap tube tires, I ride on Hot & Sexy Tubeless Tires!
  • It’s not the front head, It is Head of the Tiger!
  • Don’t fear & Drop the fastest Gear!
  • For R15 I don’t care about the Price, It’s all about Pride!
  • I would love to pay my heart, If someone gives me Yamaha R15!
  • If you don’t fear, Ride on R15’s Last Gear!
  • That girl was my crush, when I got Yamaha R15, She is now my Girlfriend!
  • Wear your Gear & get disappear by dropping the R15’s last Gear!
  • If you want Hi five touch my Yamaha R15!
  • You ride 125cc Ugly bike, I ride 155cc Sexy Bike!
  • When It’s done with her, I use to ride on my Yamaha R15!
  • Yamaha R15 is not a Bike, It is devil of the City!
  • R15 is the thing which I want to earn with my own money, rather than earning it with my parents Money!
  • The ugliest thing about R15 is that it uncontrollable blazing Fast!
  • I wished to God that I want to Fly, next day my dad gave me gift of Yamaha R15!
  • If you haven’t Seen the Tiger, Watch my Yamaha R15!
  • It’s not about Money, it’s all about getting one R15 Honey!
  • She told me to not ride on R15, You know I miss her Sometimes!
  • They said i am a cool Guy, Watch me one time on my R15 I’ll be the Hottest Guy!
  • She said i am ugly Guy, When i met her with my R15 I saw her middle finger & ugly Bye!
  • R15 don’t create scene, because it is time Machine!
  • The price you pay & the sexiness what you Get!