20 Yamaha Rx100 Quotes & Captions for Instagram

Yamaha Rx 100 Quotes & Captions
Yamaha Rx Quotes

Hey Yamaha Rx fans here are the best Yamaha Rx 100 Quotes, Captions & Status for Instagram and WhatsApp. You can also use these captions for Rx 135 and more Yamaha bikes.

Yamaha Rx 100 Quotes & Captions

  • Yamaha Rx100 Isn’t a Dead Bike, It is the Dad of all Bikes!
  • Ask your Dad, Which bike was the most famous of his Age!
  • Dear boys, If you think Rx100 is Bad, Well I would suggest you, ask your Dad!
  • YAMAHA Rx 100= You Are MY Alive Hot Angle Rx100!
  • For Bad guys, Rx100 may be an Old Bike, But for some Mad guys, Rx100 is the Gold Bike!
  • Only 80s & 90s People can understand the importance of Yamaha Rx100!
  • Rx100 isn’t made for Boys, It is only made for the Real Man!
  • The sound of Rx100 will always remind you of the old culture of India!
  • Modern boys don’t know, which bike was the most famous & the Rarest!
  • I swear Yamaha Rx100 is so Rare!
  • When there were no bikes, there were Yamaha Rx100!
  • Rx100 isn’t a Bike, It is the most Glorious Motorcycle!
  • A man will drive Rx100 to recall his young age Golden Memories!
  • Rx100 may be Cheap, But the memories with Rx100 are so Expensive!
  • When you ride on Rx100, You’ll feel like you are riding on a Tiger of the Jungle!
  • Today’s Bike May Ride Body & Soul But Yamaha Rx100 Rides my Golden Memories!
  • If people think Rx100 is a bad Bike, Well you know my friends It is the dad Bike!
  • Rx100 Isn’t for Royalty, It is made for Loyalty!
  • 100 from Rx100 isn’t for CC, It is for 100 Year!
  • Yamaha Rx100 Gives Great Mileage, And Runs Until Mile Age!

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